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Adult Ministries

24 hours can seemingly be not enough time for you to keep up with your busy work schedule, take care of all your errands, successfully raise a family, and/or nurture your marriage, let alone walk and spend time with God.


Our goal is to help you be more productive at work, have a healthy marriage, and build a great relationship with your children while keeping God #1 on your priority list. Whether you’re a single adult, a young-married couple, or a mature couple with children, we’d love for you to join us Sunday mornings for a time of fellowship to meet fellow adults and couples and to listen to sound, biblical teaching to help you have a successful Christian life.


Do you want to be a part of a group that is doing great things for the Lord? If so, then you will enjoy our ladies' ministries here at New Hope. Our ladies are making a difference in other people’s lives. Through the Ladies’ Fellowship and being involved in all areas of the church ministries. If you want to be a part of a wonderful group, come join us!

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The world is in great need for good men - Godly men! Your family longs for leadership that flows from a Christ-like heart. Do you desire to be a Godly man. Today's society has many wrong views about what manhood is. Come fellowship with other men who are also striving to be the man that God created them to be.

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Single and married senior adults can discover how to maintain a healthy relationship with Christ by strengthening their faith and staying active. We provide ways for seniors saints to develop lasting friendships through regular outings and activities while growing in Christ together.

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