Junior Camp

Ages 6-12

June 16-19

Teen Camp

Ages 12-19

June 22-26

Camp Preachers & Singers

Evangelist Josh Engle

We are so excited to have Brother Josh with us at Junior Camp again this year. His love for young people is undeniable. His preaching is sure to impact the lives of the juniors all week long!

Pastor Doug Weber

Brother Doug has been at Camp New Hope many times and has always been a tremendous blessing. His love for teens is obvious and his Bible preaching is powerful. Teens will be blessed greatly by his ministry.

The Agee Family

The Agee Family is a tremendous encouragement through song. Their ministry has truly been touched by the hand of God. Our teen campers are guaranteed to be challenged by this wonderful family.



  • This is per camper or sponsor.

  • One free sponsor is allowed for every 10 campers.

  • $5 discount for early bird registration submitted by May 10.

  • $10 non-refundable fee must be included with registration.

What to Bring and Not to Bring to Camp

NO: Alcoholic beverages, drugs, tobacco, fireworks, ammunition, guns, magazines, electronic devices (including, but not limited to, cell phones, CD, DVD, MP3, or other music/media players, computers, radios, TVs, video games)


YES: Bible, Pen, Pillow & Bedding for a Twin-size Mattress, Towels & Toiletry Items (toothbrush, hairbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.), Sunscreen & Bug Repellent, Swimwear, Light Jacket, Spending Money for Canteen, Flashlight, Fishing Gear

Dress Code for Camp

MEN: Wear long pants and shirts with collars to all evening services, T-Shirts and fashions that come to the knee may be worn at all other times.


LADIES: Wear a dress or skirt with dressy blouse to all evening services, Culottes or loose fitting basketball type shorts may be worn at all other times, Skirts, culottes, and shorts should be knee-length or longer, Low necklines (front or back) are not acceptable camp attire.


EVERYONE: No tank-tops, mesh t-shirts, or clothing advertizing ungodly logos or people may be worn. To prevent injury, please wear tennis shoes/sneakers during any field activity or sport. The camp directors reserve the right to ask a camper to change clothes if deemed necessary.

Note to Parents and Youth Leaders

Please label camper's clothing, belongings, and luggage with his/her name or initials. Any items left at camp and unclaimed after 1 week will be disposed of at the camp directors' discretion.


Place any medications that your child will need at camp in a 1 gallon sized zip-loc bag. Include, on a full sheet of paper inside the zip-loc bag, the dosage and instructions for each medication. With a black permanent marker, write the camper's full name on the outside of the zip-loc bag. Please provide a separate bag for each child.


Please note that Camp New Hope maintains a “nit free” policy. Please perform a head/lice check prior to arriving at camp.


The camp fee covers everything at camp except for the canteen/snack shop. Each camper will want to bring extra money to purchase items from the snack shop. These items are very low cost. The average camper brings about $10 for canteen. This money is turned in to the canteen staff for the duration of camp. Any money not spent will be returned to that camper. Please place your camper’s canteen money in an envelope that has his/her name written clearly on the outside; also write how much money is in the envelope. Please provide a separate envelope for each child.



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